U4HK: Behavioural Nutrition

A fun film for United for Healthy Kids, produced by Jelly London for Ogilvy Paris.

We created this fun film for United for Healthier Kids, produced by Jelly London for Ogilvy Paris.
Focusing on crisp shapes, a bold limited colour palette, and playful transitions, we used 2D frame by frame animation to bring life and character to the script.  
Client: United for Healthier Kids: Behavioural Nutrition
Agency: Jelly London for Ogilvy Paris
Direction: Persistent Peril
Art Direction: Garth Jones
Animation: Garth Jones, Mark Billington, Ginny Jones, Stewart Harvey
Producer for PP: Sam Bourner
Producer forJelly London: Michael Parks, Pippa Hall
The Illustrations were based on simplifcation and a bold limited palette.
The aniamtion was roughed out frame by frame before being cleaned up in Flash.
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